Exciting Investment Opportunity: Honest Michle by Vihorev Group

Published at: May 16, 2024 | 3 minutes of reading
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Discover a unique investment opportunity with Honest Michle, a new development by Vihorev Group in Prague's vibrant Michle district. Offering an expected return of 14.00% per annum and attractive rental prospects, this project promises growth and profitability for Fintown investors.

Executive Summary

We are thrilled to announce a new investment opportunity on the Fintown P2P Real Estate Investment platform: Honest Michle, a promising project by Vihorev Group. This development project is set to become a prominent rental apartment complex in the vibrant Michle district of Prague.

Project Overview

Honest Michle is currently in the construction phase, with completion expected by late 2025. Following this, the fit-out and equipment installation will wrap up by early 2026. The property, consisting of 32 modern apartments, will begin operating as serviced apartments under the management of Vihorev Group, with a planned opening date in early 2026.

Project Details

Location: Praha 4 Michle

Borrower: Vihorev Investments SE

Collateral Value: €6,600,000

Senior Loan: €3,600,000

Fintown Loan: €1,800,000

Borrower Equity: €1,200,000

Minimum Investment: €1

Project Term: 18 months

Interest Payout: After minimal term

Interest Accrual: From the investment date

Investment Highlights

  1. High Expected Returns: Honest Michle offers an attractive investment opportunity with an expected return of 14.00% per annum.

  2. Prime Location: Located in Michle, Prague, the property benefits from excellent transportation links, proximity to business centers, and a well-developed infrastructure. Michle combines historic charm with modern amenities, making it a sought-after residential area.

  3. Diverse Rental Market: Upon completion, Honest Michle will provide rental opportunities for short, mid, and long-term rentals. The area’s amenities, including shopping centers, parks, and reputable schools, cater to a diverse resident base, from young professionals to families and expatriates.

  4. Proven Developer: Vihorev Group has a strong track record of successfully completed properties in Prague, ensuring that Honest Michle is a reliable and promising project.

Commercial Prospects

The rentals for Honest Michle will be managed by Vihorev Management Company s.r.o. The launch is scheduled for early 2026, with availability on platforms such as Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, and Flatio. The property aims to achieve an 85% occupancy rate, thanks to its excellent location and well-developed environment.

Development Product

Our Development product secures and increases your income on invested funds. You are investing in a property that possesses all necessary permits and comes from a reputable developer. With Development, you can invest in future profitable and in-demand properties without any commission or hidden fees.


Honest Michle by Vihorev Group presents a compelling investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the thriving rental market in Prague. With its strategic location, high expected returns, and the backing of a proven developer, this project is set to become a landmark in the Michle district.

Invest in Honest Michle today and be part of a project that promises growth and profitability. Visit our Fintown platform to learn more and make your investment.

Last call

58% filled 105,342 EUR left

Development - Michle - LOT 1

  • Investment goal: 250 000 EUR
  • LTV: 82%
  • Interest: 14%
  • Investment type: Bullet
  • Min. term: 18 months
8% filled 137,819 EUR left

Early Rental - Ricany - LOT 4

  • Investment goal: 150 000 EUR
  • LTV: 86%
  • Interest: 12%
  • Investment type: Bullet / Rental
  • Min. term: 24 months
2% filled 97,994 EUR left

Early Rental - Ricany - LOT 3

  • Investment goal: 100 000 EUR
  • LTV: 86%
  • Interest: 10%
  • Investment type: Bullet / Rental
  • Min. term: 12 months
74% filled 51,746 EUR left

Rental - Karlin - LOT 14

  • Investment goal: 200 000 EUR
  • LTV: 73%
  • Interest: 12%
  • Investment type: Rental
  • Min. term: 24 months