Explore the Landscape of Fintown's Rental Products: Rental, FLEXI, and Early Rental

Published at: December 6, 2023 | 3 minutes of reading
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Discover the dynamic world of Fintown's investment opportunities. Our latest article delves into the intricacies of our evolving product line, including Rental, FLEXI, and Early Rental. Learn how these options cater to diverse investment needs and preferences.

Fintown is evolving, and with it, so is our product line.

Currently, we offer two main products: Rental and Development.

The key difference between these two products is that in Rental, you receive interest on a monthly basis, whereas in Development, interest is paid at the end of the investment period.

For the Rental product, we've developed several sub-products: Rental, Early Rental, and FLEXI, all of which have been successfully launched and well-received by our investors.

This article will provide detailed insights into each of these offerings.


This product requires adherence to a minimum term before you can withdraw your principal. Interest accrual starts from the day of investment, and the first payout is made on the 1st of the subsequent month.

You will earn monthly interest, which can be reinvested or withdrawn to your bank account.

After the minimum term, you can choose to withdraw your principal or leave it invested to continue generating income.

The maximum term for Rental products is 60 months.


We call it Test Drive, this product's defining feature is its one-month minimum term. After one month, you will receive your initial interest and can withdraw it along with the principal for reinvestment or bank transfer.
During the 60-month period, you have the flexibility to exit the project at any time.

Early Rental

Developed in response to increased demand for our Rental product, this new offering allows investors to reserve a spot in a future rental and start earning interest almost immediately upon investing, under very appealing terms.

How it works

For the initial four months, the investment operates similarly to a standard Development (Bullet) investment, where interest accrues and is paid at the end of the period along with the principal. However, a distinctive feature of this investment is the guaranteed placement in future rental opportunities.

The investment process is as follows:

  • Investors allocate funds to the Early Rental phase.

  • Once the project is fully funded or reaches its deadline  (whichever occurs first), interest begins to accrue.

  • After four months, investors receive their accumulated interest, as in the standard Development (Bullet) investment.

  • The principal amount is then reinvested into a new Rental project. This project has a minimum term of eight months, offers an annual interest rate of 10%, and a maximum term of 60 months, effectively 56 months, considering the initial four-month bullet period.

  • For subsequent rentals, interest payments will be distributed on a monthly basis.

We're excited to have you on our platform and are committed to providing top-tier service.

Last call

30% filled 105,433 EUR left

Development - Ricany - LOT 13

  • Investment goal: 150 000 EUR
  • LTV: 76%
  • Interest: 14%
  • Investment type: Bullet
  • Min. term: 12 months
0% filled 73,000 EUR left

FLEXI Smichov - LOT 7

  • Investment goal: 73 000 EUR
  • LTV: 78%
  • Interest: 8%
  • Investment type: Rental
  • Min. term: 1 month