Fintown Review: Partnering with P2P Empire to Highlight Our Unique P2P Real Estate Investment Platform in Europe

Published at: May 25, 2023 | 2 minutes of reading
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We are delighted to announce our partnership with P2P Empire, led by professional investor Jakub Krejci, who has conducted an in-depth review of our platform, Fintown. As a leading P2P real estate investment platform in Europe, we offer investors the opportunity to earn up to 12% return from rental properties. In this article, we will showcase the key highlights from Jakub Krejci's review and shed light on what makes Fintown an attractive choice for diversifying your portfolio in the P2P lending industry.

Review Summary

Fintown has caught the attention of Jakub Krejci from P2P Empire, who highlights several positive aspects of our platform. He emphasizes the good risk and return ratio, the focus on investments in already operational rental units, the high occupancy rates, and the successful track record of repaying investors. With Fintown being a recently launched platform, this review showcases our potential in providing investors with a valuable option for P2P real estate investments in Europe.

Investment Opportunities

At Fintown, we specialize in offering investments in rental properties located in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. Our investment opportunities provide attractive rental yields ranging from 9% to 12% per year, with monthly interest payments. Jakub Krejci's review underlines our commitment to offering investments in well-established rental units, ensuring reduced risk and higher potential returns through proven high occupancy rates and positive guest reviews.

Investment Structure

Fintown provides two investment options: mezzanine loans for rental properties and participation in development projects. Mezzanine loans offer investors indirect exposure to the short-term rental business, while participatory investments involve sharing both income and losses resulting from the loan contract. While these investment structures carry inherent risks, Fintown provides a corporate guarantee issued by the Vihorev Group, adding an extra layer of security for our investors.

Requirements and Safety Measures

We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our investors. To invest on Fintown, users must meet specific criteria, such as being at least 18 years old, having an EU bank account, and completing the identity verification process. We operate under the regulatory framework of the Czech Republic, and our funds are held in a business account managed by Ceska Sporitelna, one of the largest and most regulated Czech banks. Our partnership with P2P Empire demonstrates our commitment to transparency and building trust with our investors.


Fintown, in collaboration with P2P Empire, offers an exciting opportunity for investors seeking P2P real estate investments in Europe. With our focus on already operational rental units, attractive rental yields, and a solid track record in the industry, we provide a favorable risk and return ratio. As a newly launched platform, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and expansion. We encourage investors to conduct their due diligence and evaluation before making investment decisions.

Last call

58% filled 105,342 EUR left

Development - Michle - LOT 1

  • Investment goal: 250 000 EUR
  • LTV: 82%
  • Interest: 14%
  • Investment type: Bullet
  • Min. term: 18 months
8% filled 137,819 EUR left

Early Rental - Ricany - LOT 4

  • Investment goal: 150 000 EUR
  • LTV: 86%
  • Interest: 12%
  • Investment type: Bullet / Rental
  • Min. term: 24 months
2% filled 97,994 EUR left

Early Rental - Ricany - LOT 3

  • Investment goal: 100 000 EUR
  • LTV: 86%
  • Interest: 10%
  • Investment type: Bullet / Rental
  • Min. term: 12 months
74% filled 51,746 EUR left

Rental - Karlin - LOT 14

  • Investment goal: 200 000 EUR
  • LTV: 73%
  • Interest: 12%
  • Investment type: Rental
  • Min. term: 24 months