Fontown Introduces Development: Your Gateway to Profitable Investments

Published at: July 17, 2023 | 2 minutes of reading
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Fontown is thrilled to introduce Development, a new product aimed at providing secure and profitable investment opportunities. With a focus on projects in the development phase, Fontown offers fixed payment terms for a specific period, eliminating the risk of incomplete construction projects. Learn more about our inaugural project, Honest Karlin, and how Development can help you grow your investments.

At Fontown, we are always committed to delivering products that captivate our investors' interest and provide a seamless platform experience. That's why we have heeded your feedback and are excited to unveil our latest offering: Development. This new product focuses on projects in the development phase, offering fixed payment terms for a specific period.

Introducing Development – Your Path to Lucrative Investments

Welcome to Development, our new product designed to safeguard and enhance your income from invested funds. With Development, you gain the opportunity to invest in promising and high-demand properties of the future, all without worrying about commissions or hidden fees. Invest with confidence in the final development stage, eliminating the risk of incomplete construction projects. Benefit from rental revenue generated by fully-furnished serviced apartments upon project completion.

Our Inaugural Project

Honest Karlin: Our inaugural project under Development is the remarkable Honest Karlin, a serviced apartments venture set amidst the charming streets of Prague's Old Town. Scheduled for completion in early 2024, this property will be listed as a rental project on Fontown. Discover Honest Karlin, where historic elegance meets contemporary comfort. This extensively renovated building boasts 31 fully-equipped apartments, ensuring an exceptional living experience for tenants. Our vision for Honest Karlin is to provide affordable housing while nurturing a vibrant community spirit. To foster connections, residents will have access to a community garden, inviting them to interact and engage. Additionally, cozy lounge areas and inviting coffee zones offer spaces for relaxation and socializing.

Exclusive Perk for Early Bird Investors: Plus, there's an exclusive perk for early bird investors – a 1% bonus for future Honest Karlin rental projects!

We are thrilled to bring you this exciting new chapter in our platform's evolution. Join us in exploring the potential of Development and seize the chance to grow your investments securely. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming projects!

Last call

15% filled 213,060 EUR left

Early Rental Honest Karlin Lot 2

  • Investment goal: 250 000 EUR
  • LTV: 73%
  • Interest: 10%
  • Investment type: Bullet
  • Min. term: 12 months
0% filled 250,000 EUR left

Development Honest Ricany Lot 6

  • Investment goal: 250 000 EUR
  • LTV: 76%
  • Interest: 14%
  • Investment type: Bullet
  • Min. term: 12 months