Portfolio Overview, August 2023

Published at: September 11, 2023 | 1 minute of reading
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Dive into our latest portfolio overview and discover the success of our monthly interest payment system. With our upcoming Autoinvest feature, investing is about to get even simpler.

Dear Investors,

Welcome to our latest portfolio overview. As of August, our outstanding portfolio is 826,756 euros, from which 826,756 euros in Current and none in Late or Default.

Importantly, with our FLEXI product, investors have the flexibility to withdraw both their principal and interest. However, we've observed that they have chosen not to. This indicates that the previously invested amounts remain intact, and interest continues to be paid out monthly. We believe this demonstrates our investors' satisfaction with our offerings.

A key feature we pride ourselves on is our monthly interest payment system. We're pleased to announce that we've fulfilled this commitment, and as of now, our investors have earned a total of 13,012 euros. It's worth noting that a majority of our investors choose to reinvest their interest immediately.

Please remember that our minimum investment amount is set at 1 euro, designed to provide you with greater flexibility in reinvestment choices. We are excited to share that we will soon launch the Autoinvest feature, which will enable you to set your own rules and reduce manual intervention.

Thank you for your trust and partnership.

Last call

15% filled 213,060 EUR left

Early Rental Honest Karlin Lot 2

  • Investment goal: 250 000 EUR
  • LTV: 73%
  • Interest: 10%
  • Investment type: Bullet
  • Min. term: 12 months
0% filled 250,000 EUR left

Development Honest Ricany Lot 6

  • Investment goal: 250 000 EUR
  • LTV: 76%
  • Interest: 14%
  • Investment type: Bullet
  • Min. term: 12 months