Development Honest Ricany Lot 7

Operating serviced apartments in Prague

15 % p.a.
Min. investment
Investment goal 250 000 EUR
Invested 250 000 EUR
100% Filled
Development Honest Ricany Lot 7 Development Honest Ricany Lot 7

Investment information

  • Term 12 months
  • Collateral value 27,500,000 EUR
  • LTV 76%
  • Developer Vihorev Group
  • Interest payout Bullet
  • Loan purpose Fit Out & Equipment
  • Securing Corporate guarantee
  • Project phase In construction
  • Visual materials Live Construction

Project capital structure

Own equity 6 000 000 EUR
Fintown loan 250 000 EUR

Rental Apartment #8

Executive summary

  • Introducing the flagman project by Vihorev Group, Honest Ricany.

  • The project will be published under the Development product.

  • A loan will be granted for Fit Out and Equipment (purchase of furniture and fittings for the entire complex).

  • Currently, the project is in the final stages of construction and will soon move on to interior finishing.

  • The project will operate as service apartments under the management of Vihore Group. The planned opening date is mid-2024.

Visual materials

Project summary

  • Investment opportunity in property development, with an expected return of 15.00% per annum.

  • The developer has introduced an Early Bird opportunity to invest in a future rental property on the Fintown platform, aiming to secure a loan for Fit Out and Equipment.

  • The property, named Honest Ricany, is situated in Ricany city, a suburb of Prague, connected by a direct highway to the city. The project involves a complete revitalization and expansion of the building in Ricany city.

  • Upon completion, the building will embody a combined work and living concept, offering modern serviced apartment housing and coworking spaces.

  • Project deadline is 03.01.2024

Product Development

Introducing Development, our new product that secures and increases your income on invested funds.

  • You invest in the final development stage, with no risks that building won't be completed

  • After the completion of a construction project will generate revenue as a rental serviced apartments.

With Development, you can get an opportunity to invest in future profitable and demand properties without any commission or hidden fees.

Project description

Introducing "Honest Ricany" by Vihorev Group, a pioneering Live & Work concept that aligns with the global trends of the "subscription economy" and "hustle-free" lifestyle. Situated in the serene suburbs of Prague, this 14-story edifice offers both convenience and modernity.

Residents of Honest Ricany will find themselves in a prime location, ensuring effortless commutes to Prague's city center, whether by public transport or car. The building is divided into two core components: residential apartments and a state-of-the-art coworking center, seamlessly integrating the live-and-work paradigm.

Spanning from the 2nd to the 14th floors, Honest Ricany boasts 140 serviced apartments, including types 1KK, 2KK, and exclusive penthouse suites. Most of these apartments offer expansive views of the picturesque countryside starting from the 2nd floor. Designed for utmost comfort, each apartment comes furnished with essential household appliances. Residents will benefit from a 24-hour concierge service, dedicated parking for both vehicles and bicycles, complimentary internet access, and a user-friendly mobile app for real-time updates and service requests.

The workspace space, spread across three floors, is a versatile hub tailored for today's professionals. It encompasses hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and expansive conference areas for larger gatherings. Furnished with cutting-edge technology and amenities for both work and leisure, it promises an optimal working environment.

Sustainability is at the heart of Honest Ricany. Constructed with the latest energy-saving technologies and environmentally-friendly materials, the complex also features green roofs, underscoring our commitment to ecological responsibility.

For more details, visit our official website: Join us in experiencing a modern, sustainable, and integrated lifestyle at Honest Ricany.

Investment product description



Loan purpose

Fit Out & Equipment

Location of the funded project



Vihorev Investments SE

Collateral Value

27.500.000 EUR

Senior loan

10.000.000 EUR

Fintown loan

2.000,000 EUR

Borrower equity

6.000.000 EUR

Start of interest accrual

Interest will begin to accrue immediately on investments made before the Early Accrual threshold or After project completion. 

Project information

  • The Honest Ricany project is a residential rental opportunity currently under construction, located in Ricany, a suburb of Prague.

  • The 14-story apartment building has undergone comprehensive renovation and expansion.

  • As of now, the project is in its final stage of development.

Project basic information

Total number of apartments


Total amount of leased area, m2


Average area of a leased unit, m2


Fundraising Phases

  • Phase 1, Fit Out & Equipment - 2,000,000 euros

    Vihorev plans to use the funds for carrying out specific tasks, purchasing necessary household appliances and equipment, and furnishing apartments and workspace.

  • Phase 2, Equity Refinance - 3,000,000 euros

    The funds will be allocated for refinancing capital for further investment activities of Vihorev Group.


    Each phase will be divided by lots and published as separate projects on Fintown platform.

Overview of Commercial Prospects

  • The rentals for Honest Ricany will be managed by the operating company, Vihorev Management Company s.r.o.

  • The launch of the apartment rentals is slated for mid-2024, and availability will be broadcast across various platforms, including, Airbnb, Expedia, and Flatio.

  • Given its convenient location and superior living conditions, combined with the work & live concept, the property is anticipated to maintain an occupancy rate of over 90%.

Interest and costs for Fintown investors

  • Commission-free for the use of the Fintown platform.

  • No hidden fees for exiting at any time after min. term. during the project.

  • Interest for Fintown investors is 15.0% per annum.

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